Claims & Repairs

Repair if broken

Sustainability is one of our core values. One element of this is designing garments that last as long as possible. To extend the life of our garments, we are more than happy to repair them, so that you can enjoy using them for years to come.

If the damage was caused by a manufacturing error, we will cover the cost of repairs for up to three years after the purchase date. If the damage was caused during use, e.g. putting your crampons through your new Gore-tex pants, we are happy to assist but will not cover the cost of the repair.

We strive to repair the items with original parts and fabrics, as long as we have them in stock. If not, we will use the closest match possible.

Motion series

For all our Motion garments, we will send a self-adhesive repair patch that matches the garment’s colour. Instructions for use:

  1. Make sure the garment is clean and dry where the patch will be applied.
  2. Cut the patch to a size that is a little bit bigger than the tear itself. (Make sure the patch has rounded corners, as this way it will not come off as easily.)
  3. Place over the tear and put some pressure on it, to make sure it really sticks.

Claims and repairs

Was your item supplied with a manufacturing fault?

Items are classified as faulty if they were received damaged, or where a manufacturing fault occurs within 12 months of purchase. Please note that items that are damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered faulty. Faulty items will be exchanged for the same type of product in the same size, subject to availability. If the product is not in stock, you will get your money back.

Where should you send your claim/repair?

Gore-tex – guaranteed to keep you dry

If you have a Gore-tex garment that does not completely protect you against the elements and you wish to make a claim, you must do this directly to Gore-tex.

One of our retailers:

If you bought the garment in a store, please contact that store for help with the repair.

Our webshop:

Please fill out the form below, with details of the damage and an image of the care label (see the example images). The important part is the number highlighted in yellow, which specifies which garment it is.

Repair time

We work hard to repair garments as fast as possible. During the warmer months of the year we have a turnaround time of 10-15 working days. During the winter this is 15-25 days. If the repair is not urgent, it is easier to wait until the summer. If you tear a Gore-tex garment, please buy and use a Gore-tex repair kit to prevent further damage until you get a permanent repair.

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