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Elevenate – Shaped by Åre

Elevenate was born from a desire to take skiing apparel to a whole new level. With our uncompromising attitude, we continue to create garments with the highest level of fit, performance, style and longevity. Elevenate’s founder and IFMGA mountain guide Jimmy Odén writes about Åre’s unique conditions, which inspire us to create products that excel on the mountain.

We live in a place where the weather is both deceptive and extreme. At the heart of the Scandinavian mountains, and just 200 kilometres from the Atlantic, the weather in Åre can sometimes be really tough - so tough that wind gauges on the summit are regularly blown to pieces. Severe blizzards and wind gusts of up to 20 metres per second are not unusual (the record for the top of Åreskutan is 48 meters per second).

When this powerful weather rolls in from the west, fully charged with warm, damp ocean air from the Gulf Stream, it covers the entire mountain with ice crystals. It is astoundingly beautiful, but if you want to experience it on skis you must have equipment that can cope.

If you look at the map with a high alpine perspective, you’ll be easily fooled. Our home mountain is relatively small, with 1,000 metres of vertical drop, but this means you have the strength to obstinately ski every ride without stopping, from summit to valley. It is precisely this combination – tough weather and intense, high-pulse skiing – that has shaped Elevenate’s products. We won’t settle for anything other than the highest level of performance when it comes to our garments’ ability to protect, breathe and wick away moisture.

It is pretty simple: up here in the north, in our remote corner of the world, you can do nothing unless you adapt to nature. For me, as a skier and mountain-lover, this is both humiliating and an important lesson for life. And there is nothing that beats the euphoria of laying your tracks in the golden rays of a low-lying midwinter sun.

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