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Stories  –  Interview with Elevenate’s designer Sara Rönngren

Inspired by the Nordics

A new shell material with recycled nylon and a new range of freeskiing garments are a couple of Elevenate’s innovations for fall 2019. We had a chat with Elevenate’s lead designer Sara Rönngren about her inspiration and what she likes to wear outdoors.

This is Elevenate’s eighth collection. Where do you find your inspiration?

The collection comes out of teamwork, so my design team and I work using input from our ambassadors, distributors and retailers. Plus, I’m out myself using the products and getting ideas. This year we wanted to have more garments at attractive prices, and as lead designer it’s my task to interpret this.

In terms of style, we started with a design theme that we call Nordic Dreams, where our inspiration came from the light, the landscape and the tough weather in Åre. It has a colour scale in which some fresh, bold colours are combined with pale neutrals, so you could say that after a season with muted shades we’re back to being very colourful.

So what’s happening at Elevenate in the fall of 2019, is there any exciting news?

One piece of important news is that we’ve produced our own shell material – actually our own standard for our membrane garments, which we call EPS. This stands for Elevenate Performance Standard and means that the material has excellent performance in terms of waterproofing and breathability. The outer fabric is nylon, for the sake of durability, of which more than 60% is recycled, and the membrane is partially bio-based material. The waterproofing is also PFC-free, as in most of our products.

You also mentioned products with interesting pricing, tell us more!

That’s right, we have a definite aim to design products that more people can afford, but which still have Elevenate’s high quality, and the EPS material allows us to do this. We’re now releasing the Backside Jacket and Pants, which are partially inspired by a range we had in 2014. Personally, I think it’s great that the Backside Jacket is making a comeback, as it’s a freeskiing-inspired longer jacket.

If you had to describe the collection in three words, what would they be?

Technical, colourful and playful. We always design for the highest level of functionality, with a well thought-out fit and technical material. Being colourful is somewhat of our signature, and after a winter with more muted shades we’re back to bright bold colours that are combined with pale neutrals such as beige and grey. The playfulness is in the detailing, and the idea is that you will be able to mix and match your garments – within the collection, across different seasons and with completely different garments.

Do you have a favourite product that you use a lot and are very pleased with?

Apart from the Backside Jacket, I really like the BdR Insulation Jacket. It’s incredibly comfortable – it’s stretchy, breathes well and is windproof and water resistant. Once you start using it, it rapidly becomes a favourite as it’s so versatile and is perfect under a shell jacket when it gets cold out.

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