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Stories  –  Changing Perspectives #3

Summer Magic - Paddleboarding in the north

Long days, bright nights – summer is at its best and Elevenate’s culture wear lets you move easily between your adventures, on and off the mountain. A long stone’s throw west of our hometown, you’ll find another of our favourite pastimes; stand up paddle boarding on the Enan River.

Summer is a time of particular magic in the mountains. At Elevenate, we take every chance we can to get out and enjoy nature – peaks high above the tree line, via lush green valleys following ever-present water; babbling, surging or completely still.

And it is water that we are looking for this fine July day as Jimmy, Julia and Petter head 45 minutes west from our hometown Åre. It is one of summer’s really hot days and we've packed paddles, SUP boards and a really good picnic.


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On the Enan River, right by the water’s edge, one of Jimmy’s summer favourites begins: paddling the river’s meandering curves down to Lake Ånnsjön, a few kilometres away. A route sometimes associated with skating in the early winter, but on a sunny day like this one it’s perfect for a SUP board or kayak.

The current takes a gentle hold of our boards as we push off and take our first paddle stroke. We have a slight headwind, otherwise all is calm. The only sounds we hear are our paddles in the water and birdsong coming from the birch forest along the river's banks. A couple of kilometres downstream we find the perfect beach to pull up on and light a campfire. The sun is warm, the food is excellent and we are feeling relaxed and enjoying it all.

After a while we continue on our way. The river is getting shallower as we get closer to Lake Ånnsjön. Once we are out on open water we pass several sand banks that we need to carry our boards over. The mild evening light captures the mountains’ silhouettes creating a backdrop that almost doesn’t feel real.

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“It really looks like you’re walking on water,” calls Petter to Jimmy and Julia who are slightly ahead. Our goal is to get to the beach below Klockagård Farm, where we have parked our second car. The lake is like glass and in the shallow water we can see fish swimming under us, their dark colours contrasted against the light sandy bottom. And just as if the greatness of nature wasn’t enough, Jimmy offers some entertainment: an unplanned dip that rounds off a magic day on the water.

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