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150 pieces for perfection - Bec de Rosses

150 pieces for perfection -
Bec de Rosses

We had a certain type of skier in mind when we created the Bec de Rosses style: a skier who enjoys both mechanized off-piste skiing and ski touring in the mountains, someone who doesn’t mind going out in tough conditions and who wants some extra comfort when skiing hard and doing intense hikes.

To ensure it lives up to our promise and standards the Bec de Rosses is made from 150 individual details and pieces of GORE-TEX® PRO – a fabric that gives you guaranteed protection throughout the jackets entire lifetime, even after extended periods in extreme conditions. The Bec de Rosses jacket has excellent fit, great breathability and allows full freedom of movement, perfect for any adventurer who has high demands on their gear and wants to stay comfortable no matter what they do, in any weather.


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