The Bec des Étagnes free-skiing Jacket is an all-seam sealed, three-layer shell jacket with a little longer cut, made from Gore-Tex Pro. This fabric will make a big difference when moving fast in the mountains. The Bec des Étagnes Jacket has an excellent fit allowing plenty of movement and is perfect for skiers who want to be able to easily adjust their warmth using a layering system. The BdÉ jacket is designed to be paired with the Bec de Rosses Pants. With its superb fit and well-thought-through details it is a new favourite for both mechanized off-piste skiing and ski touring in the mountains



Verbier is famed for its incredible off-piste skiing. The Bec des Étagnes is regarded as one of the most outstanding areas, a kind of younger sibling to the Bec des Rosses. A short hike from the Montfort gondola provides easy access to this amazing freeride terrain; it is challenging and steep, but with more obvious route choices than the technically demanding Bec des Rosses.