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Where we live and thrive, cold temperatures often mean great skiing – if you’re warm enough to enjoy it, that is. We’ve designed our insulated collection to let passionate skiers focus on what they love the most, rather than being concerned about freezing limbs. This is Elevenate’sdress-for-success recipe for colder days, and it works well in milder temperatures too.

Most seasoned skiers have learned the layering principle. You know the theory: three to four layers of functional clothing will help wick moisture away from the body, provide insulation from the cold and stop wind and water from cooling you down.
The thing is – in cold weather you need a lot of insulation. The mercury doesn’t have to go much below 10 degrees Celsius before your ordinary all-purpose shell jacket will need substantial reinforcement. And anyone who has layered double fleece sweaters underneath a shell jacket will recognize the feeling (hint: it’s not one of ease and mobility).

Montana Jacket

Elevenate’s insulated collection takes care of this. It is lightly insulated to keep you warm from the core and outward, easy to pull on as you head for the lift in the morning or after your much-deserved mid-morning coffee break. It provides cosy warmth on windy lift rides or and when carving perfect turns on well-groomed corduroy - or while helping the youngsters in the park.
And yes, we admit it – if you’re a skier who takes every chance to hike up the closest peak to get those extra turns, then these insulated garments will be too warm for you. If you’re heavily into ski touring, you’ll be better off wearing ordinary shell garments.

Agile Jacket

But if you’re a regular dedicated skier who mostly uses the lifts – on or off-piste – we recommend that you take a closer look at the superbly designed Brevent Jacket and Pants, the robust Montana Jacket or the light, down-filled Agile Jacket.
Designed to be your reliable, functional cold-weather buddies, they are versatile and adaptable enough to tag along for milder parts of the season too.