That feeling!

I’ve lived in ski resorts since I was a teenager and, to this very day, I’m thrilled when I see snowflakes starting to fall. Wondering what it’s going to be like, what the conditions are and how deep it will be. I get excited – there’s a part of me that’s remained like the young kid who had to rush outside and play as soon as it started to snow.

After all these years, I still get the tingles every time I drive up to the lift on a big day. Buckling on my ski boots in the parking lot and walking up to the lift queue that’s buzzing with an almost electric energy. Anticipation and excitement, mixed with a dash of fear about any potential bad calls during the day.

Old friends and regulars in the lift queue, they come out of the woodwork on days like these. New people I’ve never met before are there too. Big smiles on everyone’s faces; some confident, others more nervous. At least we all have this in common – we are excited, we feel alive.

That’s why we’re here, that’s what we’re looking for. That feeling! Whether we’re sharing it with others in a ski resort, seeking it in solitude by ski touring deep in the mountains, or passing it on to our children.

The FW-17 collection was inspired by just that feeling, the one we’re all looking for in our skiing.

//Jimmy Odén

Co-founder of Elevenate and UIAGM Mountain Guide.