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Summer is here, and even though winter has given us lots of joy, this time of the year offers new possibilities and challenges. One group of friends that are extra excited about the change of seasons is Ostburgare. Five guys who call themselves Ostburgare, ”the cheeseburger”. One could tell right away that they are a group of friends who lives for their passion - Biking. Just pure joy and excitement all the way.

We met these enduro-loving young guns last year at Åre Bike Festival where they won our design competition. The prize was to design an enduro t-shirt with Elevenate.

We asked Milton Therme, One of the boys, where the passion for enduro comes from. It all started around four years ago when his dad brought him to Sälen to try enduro and downhill for a few days. He was immediately hooked. Sälen, located in Sweden, with a grand variation of trails gave Milton the perfect start to his new favorite activity. After returning home, he bought his first enduro bike and started attending camps to learn more about the sport. Through cycling, Milton discovered an incredible community.

But what is the connection between enduro and cheeseburgers? Milton laughs and explains that there is no deeper meaning or cool story, but more of a coincidence, and now the name has stuck. He and a friend were eating burgers after an enduro session when they decided to start an Instagram account to post pictures and videos of their biking adventures. They looked around, and a cheeseburger was the first thing they saw. Simple as that. Today, the bike group consists of five guys: Milton, Axel, Hugo, Ian, and Albert. All are between 15-16 years old. Some knew each other, but mainly they met during different enduro competitions. Though they do not all live in the same place, they meet up during weekends and for enduro competitions. ”Now we're close friends and do pretty much everything together during the weekends. I am so happy for all the friends this sport has given me”


Shortly, all members of Ostburgare will finish 9th grade, and four of them will move to Falun to attend Hagströmska Idrottsgymnasium. A sports high school where they can continue to practice enduro alongside their studies. When I ask Milton what motivates him, the answer is easy. ”I and the rest of Ostburgare love the enduro community and that everyone is so welcoming. The best thing about enduro is to spend fun times outside”

The boys from Ostburgare are full of charisma and we are sure everyone will see more of them in the future.

Now you can find their limited edition shirt on our website. The perfect enduro shirt with simple details, a pocket in the back, and of course designed by Ostburgare.

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