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A friend of Elevenate is a person who shares the passion, the joy and the bliss the mountains gives. It’s someone who is driven by the feeling of just disconnecting the outer world, the future and the past. To just be here, right at that moment, embracing the nature, the spark and the mind. Throwing yourself out in the NOW. The state of Elevenate, the common factor, the mindset.


Veronica Belle Paulsen


Since stepping in, becoming the first woman to land a backflip at the King & Queens of Corbets in 2020, and then double back flipping the same competition in 2023, Veronica is mostly known as a badass on skies. Fearless, humble, and passionate. Growing up on the west coast, in Squaw Valley near Tahoe, Veronica, joined the Freestyle team as a 12-year-old, but lately during high school she started skiing Moguls and now enjoying life in the backcountry as a freerider in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Reine Barkered


The Mayor of Stomptown. Åre born Reine has an impressive track record, winning the Freeride World Tour in 2012, three-time extreme Verbier winner, and 20 podiums in his fifteen years on the tour on top of a Scandinavian and Swedish championship title. On top of it all, Reine has been awarded “Big Mountain Skier of the year” by Transition Magazine. While stepping off the tour in 2023, Reine now travels the world, experiences his favorite mountains, enjoying life with his skiing legendary wife, Jackie Paaso, and his son Tor. Since 2022, Reine is the Community Manager of Elevenate.


Jens Nyström


Jens is a well-known inspirer and educator who every year teaches people of all ages how to grow and develop on skis. With his channel Stomp It Tutorials, he reaches out to a massive amount of people with the love and passion for maximizing the potential on a pair of skies. Jens, the humble skier from Skellefteå, now lives and enjoys the mountain life in Flims, Switzerland, just next to the ski resorts of Laax and Disentis.


David Deliv


Our friend David is a former mogul skier who found his passion for freeriding. Even though he has qualified for the Freeride World Tour he feels that keeping his love for skiing is an even bigger achievement. That is when he feels presence and joy. Living in Åre, David loves the winters in the mountains.


Ulla Gilot


Ulla lives in the small ski resort Hochkeil with only three t-bars, but the terrain is truly amazing. Enjoying everything from deep powder runs to slushy moguls, her winters are full of skiing. Whilst the summers are best-spent cycling, running or climbing. In 2021 she became the youngest female State certified Ski instructor and Ski guide ever in Austria.


Maël Ollivier


Maël lives in Val d’Allos, the French South Alps, where he enjoys mountain biking, climbing, and paragliding. His passion for the outdoors has always been strong and especially during extreme experiences when complete focus is required. For two winters, he has been competing in the Freeride world tour.


Tobias Granath


Taking the step from childhood holidays in the mountains to becoming a IFMGA mountain guide in the Alps may seem long, just like the move from junior ice hockey in Stockholm to the top league in France. With a not insignificant amount of determination, Tobias Granath has made his teenage dreams come true. Meet a father-of-four and Elevenate friend who alternates family life in Engelberg with adventure among Europe’s highest mountains.


Rebecka Harlaut


The adventurer, freerider, and inspirer, Rebecka Harlaut. With a history of winning the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships and earning a wild card to the Freeride World Tour. Rebecka today works as a Physiotherapist at the Åre Ski High School and lives with her family in Åre, enjoying life as much as possible. Rebecka started her career in Alpine skiing, then Moguls, and after a big knee injury, she found the magical joy of freeriding. Rebecka is a true natural inspirer and is one of the founders of the female action sports community, InspireUs.


Adam U


Elevenate friend Adam truly loves the outdoors. Everything he does, whether it is free heel skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or fly fishing, is a way to feel more present in nature. Today, his current home mountain is Mt. Baker, Washington, but he has traveled the world to ski for famous ski magazines. Now, he enjoys spending more time behind the lens and mentoring up-and-coming athletes. He is a true inspiration in the outdoor community.


Sven Brunso


Sven Brunso lives in the rugged San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. When not skiing deep powder at home, Sven travels the world chasing the Endless Winter from the Alps to the Andes and the Caucasus to the Cascades shooting with some of the best ski photographers in the business. Sven's images have appeared on the covers of magazines such as Powder, Skiing, Åka Skidor, Men's Journal, Backcountry, Mountain, and Ascent.


Janne Tjärnström


Janne describes himself as a fresh air enthusiast, and we could not agree more. Living in Åre he enjoys everything from skiing and ski touring to mountain biking. He has previously competed in moguls with the national team and today he is coaching promising Swedish athletes at Åre ski gymnasium. Besides teaching, he has also traveled to many of our dream destinations to ski, bike, and take photos for sports magazines.


Ode Siivonen


Skiing, alpinism, climbing, hiking, and paragliding are just some of the activities Ode does when being out in nature. Outdoor sports started as a passion, and 15 years ago this passion grew into a profession when Ode started to guide ski tours and heli-skiing in Lapland. He has always loved to be outdoors and use his body and mind to challenge himself to find new experiences.


Olle Söderberg


Growing up in Åre, Olle’s interest in skiing appeared naturally, and eventually, he developed a passion for the off-piste. Today, he is also a certified sailing instructor and spends his time on the water when not in the mountains. He enjoys the state of total presence when being out in nature. Both when the weather gets rough, leaving you close to the powerful forces, as well as sunshine and sharing stoke moments with friends.


Cynthia Johnson


The passionate skier and mountain guide from Denver, Colorado who today enjoys life exploring the backcountry in and around Vail, Colorado. Sending it, is something that has followed Cynthia through her entire life, and you may know her for her nick-and company name, Send It Cynthia. If not skiing through powder and technical terrain you’ll find her teaching avalanche education, mountain biking and traveling the world via motorcycle. A real action figure who represents the State of Elevenate through her presence in nature; on the skin track, on a slope of untouched snow, where the only sound that can be heard is the soft beat of her own heart.


Johan Tollstadius


As a teenager, he chased down fractions of a second with rifle on his back and skis on his feet. Now he prefers to hunt tranquillity in the snowy landscape of northern Norway, working as a mountain guide based in Narvik and the Alps. Elevenate friend Johan Tollstadius lives for the mountains and dreams of his own ski touring lodge, one that is surrounded by silence.


Douglas Nordqvist


Born and raised in the northernmost part of Sweden, in Kiruna, near the mecca of Swedish backcountry, Riksgränsen, Douglas is as you can say, quite used to having a pair of boots and skies on his feet, sending it down big cliffs and technical terrain. If not skiing in Riksgränsen, you’ll probably find him in the French Alps, and at The Freeride World Tour Qualifier.


Vilde Fimreite


Our friend Vilde is traveling around the world, doing what she loves: skiing. She loves visiting amazing places and meeting people who share the same passion for skiing as her. When she is home in Norway, her home mountain is Røldal. Everything Vilde does is based on the joy of skiing, but it has also, among other things, led to her winning the Norwegian Freeride Cup in both 2022 and 2023.


Hanna Ovin


Hanna started visiting Åre with her family when she was one year old, and today it is her hometown. A previous competitive freeskier who now truly enjoys every minute on the mountain with snow under her skis. Today, she combines her job as a boot fitter and downhill guide with maximum O2.


Victoria Jamieson


Our friend Victoria was the first female ski patroller in Verbier, and today, a fifth of the team are women. She found her passion for skiing in the high mountains of Whistler, Canada, and has not stopped skiing since. Besides skiing, she also enjoys mountaineering, biking, and yoga.


Veronica Carlqvist


Growing up with Åreskutan always nearby, our friend Veronica have skied for most of her life. She started with alpine skiing but quickly realized that she wanted to ski moguls. The combination of jumping, skiing with finesse, and pushing herself to the limit made her love the sport. She shares our passion for the freestyle community and the feeling of total freedom when being on the mountain.


Oscar Sandström


From Stockholm from the beginning, now a Verbier resident with the Swiss Alps in his backyard, our friend Oscar enjoys every little moment of being surrounded by fun terrain to ride. With Åre as his home of skiing, and Verbier as his second, he truly matches perfectly with Elevenate, made in Åre inspired by the Alps.


Milton Thermé


Milton is one of the boys from the enduro cycling group Ostburgarna. With a big passion for cycling and the community it contributes to, he truly loves the sport. His closest mountain (hill) is Flotsbro, but since there are not many vertical meters, he often practices in different places as well or attends enduro competitions all around Sweden. Milton has been the winner of the Capital Enduro overall two years in a row and scored podium finishes in the Swedish national series.


Johan Widén


The biker from Falun, Dalarna. Our friend, Johan Widén, who with his history as the national champion of the Swedish Mountain Bike XCO/XCE series, today challenges the international elite in the UCI Mountain World Series, in the E-EDR class. With a passion and joy for biking technical trails, up and down, through tough terrain, in all wheaters, Johan explains the mountain as a true fun park where everything is possible.

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