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Explore the Inspiration Behind the new Summer Collection.

We jump into our van and leave the winter behind. We are longing to feel salty water in our hair and the warmth of sun rays on our skin as we head towards the coastline. The Pacific Northwest is a place where mountains, forests, and the ocean merge.  

The power of the elements has inspired us since the very start.

This summer's collection is inspired by The Pacific Northwest, a place where nature is truly present. This is a playground for us, surfing, biking, hiking, and exploring in harmony with the force of nature. The Enduro Mernio long sleeve is one of the pieces inspired by this area - Long sleeves to protect us from the cold wind, but breathable lite nothing else for the high pace. And take a deep look at the pattern in our Creek set, where you find pine needles and cones significant for the area.

The power of the elements forces us to either give up or give in and connect to nature. In this very moment when nothing else matters, we sense it. The feeling of here and now. We call it the state of Elevenate. 


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