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He’ll guide you to the right product

Meet Petter Cech, customer service at Elevenate in Åre, who’ll help you with everything from personal shopping advice to answering questions about payments and postage.

Maybe you’re unsure about the sizing in the webshop, or need help mending a rip in your favourite jacket. Whatever your question for Elevenate, Petter will be there to help.

“You’ll never talk to a chatbot here. Elevenate is a small business and my aim is to provide fast and personal customer service,” he says. “Most of the questions are about our products, their materials, sizing and which activities they’re suitable for. I try to help the customer in the right direction.”

He often asks follow-up questions so the webshop can send the right product straight away, so you’ll get a garment that fits the first time, with a minimum of unnecessary transportation and returns. This is something that everyone benefits from – including Elevenate and, not least, the environment.

“We generally receive very few complaints, perhaps because the garments are designed to have a long life. But when something does come in, I make sure it’s repaired via our repairs service.”

Petter also helps with questions about deliveries or if a product is accidentally damaged.

“If the product is faulty or if its broken, we provide support and fix it via our repairs service. I also try to help in other cases, often by sending spares so the customer can do the repair themselves,” he says.

Petter is from Gothenburg, but has lived in Åre for a while and has many years of work experience in the outdoor industry. In the winter you'll often find him snowboarding through the forests on Tegefjäll. When asked whether he gets many snowboard-related questions in customer service, he shakes his head and laughs.

“Most of Elevenate’s customers are skiers, but our clothes work at least as well for snowboarding. I think our products are fantastic, that’s something I truly believe in.”

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