Our Philosophy

How we act: aware of our responsibility

We are skiers at heart. As skiers, and as a company, we cannot ignore how everything we do has an impact on the environment. The way we run our business affects people – our customers, our employees, our suppliers and their employees, and many more people too. In everything we do, we strive to make the most aware, responsible and sustainable choices.

Of course, it’s a balance. The decisions we make when choosing materials are crucial to our products’ overall impact on the environment – and also for how well they perform. We choose recycled, organic and bio-based materials when we can, without compromising function and durability. We always follow chemical regulations, we favour PFC-free DWR treatments and use Bluesign and Oeko-tex certified materials in many products. We encourage our suppliers to develop better, more sustainable alternatives – because we’re well aware that we must contribute to raising the bar in this industry.

Longevity is key

We take great pride in our products being used for a long, long time. Quite simply, a jacket you can love and use for many years has much less environmental impact than one that you’ll have to replace after just a few seasons. This affects how we design our products; we think about positioning seams and drawcords for minimum abrasion and reinforcing critical areas – all without sacrificing comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

If a zipper breaks, or your garment gets ripped or damaged, we offer an extensive repair service. We either do this within our own network or – if long transports make it necessary – by offering spare parts.

A matter of decency and care

It all boils down to one thing: caring. We want you to have great experiences on the mountain. We want the next generation of skiers and mountain enthusiasts to be able to enjoy the beauty of snow and nature. We want to be a trusted, long-term partner for everyone we do business with – honouring agreements, practicing transparency, being clear and consistent with our expectations.

This includes the many, many small and large deeds and decisions that go into being a decent, responsible company. Or skier, for that matter. One with whom you’ll want to share great, long days on the mountain.

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