What does State of Elevenate mean?

What’s Ulla Gilot's State of Elevenate?

Our friend Ulla grew up in the mountains, and at an early age, she moved from Belgium to Austria. With both her parents as certified ski instructors skiing became a part of her life from a young age.

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What does State of Elevenate mean?

What’s David Deliv's State of Elevenate?

Our friend David has reevaluated his State Of Elevenate in the past year. While he initially associated it with managing challenging lines on the slopes, he now realizes that he can experience the same feeling when exploring nature and letting go of everyday stress.

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What does State of Elevenate mean?

Always Chasing a State of Elevenate

Sara Rönngren is the co-founder and head designer of State of Elevenate. She, along with her husband, Jimmy Odén, founded State of Elevenate in 2010 after moving back to Åre from the Alps. They wanted to combine Sara’s background as a freeskier with Jimmy's knowledge as an IFMGA mountain guide. Since the beginning, their motivation has been to create skiwear that they and their friends want to wear.

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Connecting with the community

Meet Ostburgare - The Swedish Enduro Group with a Cheesy Name and Passion for Cycling

Summer is here, and even though winter has given us lots of joy, this time of the year offers new possibilities and challenges. One group of friends that are extra excited about the change of seasons is Ostburgare. Five guys who call themselves Ostburgare, ”the cheeseburger”. One could tell right away that they are a group of friends who lives for their passion - Biking. Just pure joy and excitement all the way.

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Connect to nature

Explore the Inspiration Behind the new Summer Collection.

We jump into our van and leave the winter behind. We are longing to feel salty water in our hair and the warmth of sun rays on our skin as we head towards the coastline. The Pacific Northwest is a place where mountains, forests, and the ocean merge.  

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Veronica Paulsen’s Journey to Kings and Queens of Corbet’s Couloir

Veronica Paulsen – The Queen

Veronica Paulsen is the crowned queen of the ski community in Jackson. The humble big mountain skier who wrote history at Kings and Queens of Corbet’s Couloir: the first female to ever land a backflip. Who is Veronica and what is going on in her head when she decides to go for a double backflip in Corbet’s? A couloir scary enough that most of us would hardly even consider dropping into it, much less throw something gnarly off the lip.

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Conscious choices #3

First aid for damaged skiwear

Join us at Åre Syverkstad and Elevenate’s repairs service, where Marie Rödin extends the life of damaged skiwear.

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Friend Talk

Friend Talk -
Janne Tjärnström

Janne is our local hero. If you haven’t met him on the mountain you might have seen photos of him on our website. He is an all-year-round mountain lover.

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Conscious choices #2

He’ll guide you to the right product

Meet Petter Cech, customer service at Elevenate in Åre, who’ll help you with everything from personal shopping advice to answering questions about payments and postage.

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Conscious choices #1

Sustainability is part of everything I do

Elevenate’s designer Sara Rönngren focuses on sustainability when she’s at the drawing board, on the mountain and in discussions with suppliers.

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Introducing our MTB-collection in the US


Moab, Utah is the epicenter of Mountain Biking in North America. Renowned for its vistas, technical trails and plethora of good coffee shops and breweries. Whether you are polishing a technical move for the first time or gazing at the prehistoric rock structures, Moab has a riding experience for anyone.

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